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Domestic Violence NSW operates within
the framework of a feminist philosophy

Domestic violence must be understood in the context of unequal relations of power between men and women and children. In the patriarchal structures of our society, men have greater access to power than do women or children.


Domestic violence is the result of this unequal power relationship and it also reinforces it. Those who perpetrate domestic violence often believe they have a 'right' to control and coerce women and children.


DVNSW operates within a collective framework for decision making

Historically the DVNSW has maintained a commitment to encourage all members to participate in the decision making process. This is achieved through Regional and State conferences and the Working Party, Koori, CALD, Older Women, Lesbian and Child Support Groups.

Women's Services for Women

DVNSW supports the policy and practice of women managing and operating refuges within a feminist framework for women alone, and women with children escaping domestic violence.

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