NSW Government announced support for community justice

The community law sector in NSW welcomed today the NSW government’s commitment to access to justice through the announcement of new funding and practices based on the recommendations of the 2017 Review of NSW Community Legal Centre Services (CLC Review).

The announcement was made this morning at Redfern Legal Centre, in 1977 the first community legal centre to open in NSW, with Community Legal Centres NSW Executive Director Tim Leach joining Redfern Legal Centre CEO Jo Shulman and NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman.

“The NSW government clearly understands, appreciates and supports the important work done by community legal centres across NSW – both in terms of direct service delivery and strategic advocacy,” Community Legal Centres NSW Executive Director Tim Leach said.

The Report can be found online here: https://www.justice.nsw.gov.au/justicepolicy/Pages/lpclrd/lpclrd_consultation/community-legal-centre-services-review.aspx