Lucy’s Project conference

The 2018 Lucy’s Project conference will be hosted by the University of Melbourne on 22 and 23 September. Called Practical and Strategic Perspectives on Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse, the conference seeks to highlight practical responses, build referral pathways, promote collaboration within networks and develop a national strategy amongst other topics.

Session topics include:
• The development of a National Strategy to address the needs of Domestic and Family
Violence survivors with companion animals
• Changes to the Residential Tenancy Act (Vic), giving every tenant the right to keep a
pet in a rental property.
• Equine therapies for young survivors of domestic and family violence
• Creating crisis animal foster networks
• Building co-housing facilities for people and animals
• Development of new facilities and services, Australia wide.
• Building an adequate crisis response for animals in a domestic violence situation.
• Current research

Conference workshops include:
• Vets and Vet Nurses – identifying non-accidental injury (clinical aspects), risk
assessment and management and referral pathways. Veterinarians responses to
non-accidental injuries perpetrated against companion animals and responding to a
pet owner who may be at-risk
• Building services for co-housing and supporting human and animal survivors of
domestic violence.
• Future direction of Lucy’s Project: National strategy and coordinated, strategic

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For more information see, email info@lucysproject or call 0428 530 097.