The small team at DVNSW is committed to raising the profile of domestic and family violence and supporting services all over NSW.

Chief Executive Officer: Moo Baulch

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Moo loves her job and has a passion for improving service and policy responses, particularly to communities that have barriers to access including LGBTIQ and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Moo believes that public awareness relating to domestic and family violence is at an unprecedented level and that cross-sector and community partnerships are key to the cultural and practical changes required for inclusive support. She looks forward when children in schools are taught about the intersections between discrimination, transphobia and homophobia, violence, racism and respectful relationships.

Moo’s worked in the NGO sector in Australia, South East Asia, the UK and Spain.

She loves to ride her Brompton and reads almost any book she can lay her hands on. She drinks double espressos.

Moo is available for media comment or public speaking.

Policy Manager: Sophie Trower

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Sophie has a curious passion for solving problems and making things work better within the policy landscape especially when it comes to equity and quality. Sophie believes no one should have to live in fear and is committed to challenging the status quo while building upon a gendered understanding of violence against women. Child Protection and it’s intersection with DFV and Results Based Accountability are two areas of Sophie’s expertise and interest.

Sophie spent a large chunk of her career (and youth!) travelling around NSW and working with youth services during the Community Services Grants Program reform period and met and worked with many amazing communities across the state. Sophie is also a moonlighting residential youth worker and loves nothing more than seeing the young women she works with grow and draw strength from adversity. Sophie has worked with children and young people for her whole career and is always surprised by their ingenuity, insight, compassion and hope and holds them at the centre of all of her policy work.

Sophie is often accompanied by her therapy dog Pickle who is a fully fledged member of the DVNSW team and is always available for walks around Redfern. Sophie adores riding her old Vespa (with Pickle on the back) around the city, working on multiple DIY projects in unison, camping (usually in the rain), adding to her sneaker collection and most importantly making those around her laugh as much as possible [she is a strong believer this is a crucial part of self-care].

Going Home Staying Home Project: Emily Goldsmith

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Emily has been working at DVNSW for about six months now, as the Going Home Staying Home (GHSH) Project Officer. She wants to find out how services are going in implementing GHSH, and hopes to get around as much of NSW as possible to try and do this with the aim of improving policy to ensure best practice within the sector.

Emily is a bit of a nerd who loves policy - she previously worked for the State and Commonwealth governments on policy relating to education, the arts, and trying to protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language and culture.

Emily also worked as a domestic violence support worker in Brisbane (she is originally from the Gold Coast). From this work, she became passionate about preventing domestic and family violence - and strongly believes early intervention and prevention should be a key priority.

She is a proud feminist and wants to live in a world where gender bias Doesn’t exist and women can feel respected and safe at all times. Her idea of a perfect night would involve a glass of red, an episode of the UK Office and a handful of chocolate bullets. She loves going camping, fishing, and her karaoke song of choice is Runaway by the Corrs.

Emily can also make a mean chocolate cheesecake brownie, she is the official baking queen of the office and always goes over and above to spoil everyone whenever possible!

Administration Manager: Kelly MacDonald

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Kelly is the backbone of Domestic Violence NSW and keeps the office running smoothly and happily.

Kelly loves working at Domestic Violence NSW and assisting our members with enquiries and support. She is the friendly and kind voice on the end of our phone line.

Kelly coordinates the donations we receive and makes it possible for the women children escaping domestic violence to have access to things such as donated cosmetics, essential items, clothes and other goods. She also coordinates, packs and sends all the hundreds of Christmas presents donated to women and children living in refuge over the holidays and is dedicated to ensuring this seasonal donation is possible.

Kelly is inspired every day at work from the passionate, intelligent and supportive women she works with at DVNSW.

Kelly has worked with people with disabilities and aged care and believes in everyone having the right to participate and pursue their dreams in life.

She loves spending quality time with her family and friends, playing soccer and watching live music.

Kelly believes that laughter is the best medicine and is always sharing her humour around the office making the environment fun and full of sunshine.

Management Consultant: Dr Trishima Mitra-Kahn

Trish is DVNSW's resident management consultant. On loan from Canberra, she provides expert advice to the CEO on management policies and practices for the organisation.

Her professional experiences span consultant and management roles across academia, community services, and within government funded projects on gender equity and gender-based violence.

Her previous roles include Research Manager at Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety; Program Manager at the Australian Women Against Violence Alliance; and Project Manager at DVNSW.

Trish is a passionate feminist and looks forward to the day when her bub and she can read Judith Butler together and celebrate India's cricket world cup win (again).

Greet and Meet Manager: Pickle

Pickle is a 3-year- old English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Known as the cutest and most gentle member of the DVNSW team. Available for pats and walks, anytime, anywhere.

Likes peanut butter, playing with other office visitors, visiting and working at a young women’s refuge with Sophie and begging for the last bit of your lunch.