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New data reveals urgent action required to address homelessness in New South Wales

14 December 2017 

Urgent action is required to address the growing demand for homelessness services – in 2016/17 over 74,000 clients were supported by homelessness services in New South Wales according to data released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Homelessness services are contracted to deliver services to 57,000 clients each year and so are supporting 30% more clients than the system is designed, and funded, for.

This is a 43% increase from 2013-14 figures and a 6% increase from 2015/16 figures.

And, homelessness services in NSW are increasingly unable to provide crisis and other accommodation due to services being full, with 2 in 5 clients not receiving any form of accommodation despite requesting it.

See full media release by DVNSW, Y Foundations and Homelessness NSW on AIHW Data